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Minutes of the Meetings of the International Board during the 44th International Physics Olympiad in Copenhagen, Denmark
July 7 – 15, 2013


1. A total number of 374 contestants from the following 82 countries were present at the
 44th International Physics Olympiad (IPhO):

Armenia,  Australia,  Austria,  Azerbaijan,  Bangladesh,  Belarus,  Belgium,  Bolivia,  Bosnia & Herzegovina,  Brazil,  Bulgaria,  Canada,   China,  Colombia,  Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus,  Czech Republic,  Denmark,  Ecuador,  El Salvador,  Estonia,  Finland,  France,  Georgia,  Germany,  Greece,  Hong Kong,  Hungary,  Iceland,  India,  Indonesia,  Iran,  Ireland,  Israel,  Italy,  Japan,  Kazakhstan,  Kuwait,  Kyrgyzstan,  Latvia,  Liechtenstein,  Lithuania,  Macau,  Macedonia,  Malaysia,  Mexico,  Moldova,  Mongolia,  Montenegro, Netherlands,  Nigeria,  Norway,  Pakistan,  Peru*, Poland,  Portugal,  Puerto Rico,  Republic of Korea,  Romania,  Russia,  Saudi Arabia,  Serbia,  Singapore,  Slovakia,  Slovenia,  South Africa,  Spain,  Sri Lanka,  Suriname,  Sweden, Switzerland,  Syria,  Taiwan, Tajikistan,  Thailand,  Turkey,  Turkmenistan,  Ukraine,  United Kingdom,  USA,  Vietnam.

* participated by leaders, but no student.

2. Results of marking papers by the organizers were presented.

The best score (47.0 points) was achieved by Mr. Attila Szabó from Hungary (the overall winner of the 44th IPhO). The following minimal points for awarding the medals and the honorable mention were established according to the Statutes:

Gold Medal 

38.6 points

Silver Medal 

29.5 points

Bronze Medal 

21.5 points

Honorable Mention

16.7 points

According to the above minima, 41 Gold Medals, 64 Silver Medals, 101 Bronze Medals, and 64 Honorable Mentions were awarded. The grade lists of the awardees were distributed to all the delegation leaders in print.

3. In addition to the regular prizes, the following special prizes were awarded:

  • The Overall Winner

    Mr. Attila Szabó, Hungary

  • The Best in Theory

    Mr. Attila Szabó, Hungary

  • The Best in Experiment

    Mr. Calvin Lin Huang, USA

  • Special Prizes of European Physical Society

    Ms. Katerina Marinova Naydenova, Bulgaria
    Mr. Attila Szabó, Hungary

  • Special Prizes of Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies

    Ms. Tran Thi Thu Huong, Vietnam
    Mr. Zhang Chengkai, People`s Republic of China

4. The following three leaders were designated by the International Board (IB) to serve as consultants to the local academic committee for grading the examination papers :

Prof. Jaan Kalda (Estonia), Prof. Askar Davletov (Kazakhstan), and Prof. Matthew Verdon (Australia),

5. The President of IPhOs, Prof. Hans Jordens, proposed to invite Kazakhstan to host the IPhO in 2014 to replace the originally arranged hosting country, Slovenia, who had withdrawn from organizing the IPhO2014 for economic reasons. The proposal was unanimously accepted by the International Board. The President expressed his gratitude to Kazakhstan Government for her kind and timely support to keep the continuity of conducting IPhO.


6. The representative of the Indian delegation, Prof. Vijay Singh, reconfirmed the hosting of IPhO2015 in India and gave a short presentation about the ongoing preparation for the event.

7. The President of IPhOs announced the formal establishment of a legal body of fund-raising bank account, “The Foundation of International Physics Olympiad ”, which was affiliated to IPhO. He nominated, for the time being, Prof. Yohanes Surya from Indonesia as the treasurer. During the IB meeting in the next IPhO 2014, the IB will take a vote on the rules for the election of the treasurer. The elections for the treasurer will be held during the IPhO 2015. The President had used part of the donated fund of the Foundation to support Cuba team to participate in this Olympiad by offering two roundtrip air flight tickets to Copenhagen.


8. The International Board discussed a proposal on amending the Article #5 of the IPhO Statutes about using pocket calculator in the contest. The proposal was drafted by the calculator-committee composed of Dr. Matthew Verdon (Australia), Dr. Eli Raz (Israel), and Dr. Martin Swift (Iceland), who were designated by the IPhO Secretariat. This proposal was overwhelmingly carried by 114 votes to 12. The total number of IB members present at the meeting was 138. The concerned part of the Article #5 of the IPhO Statutes has been amended as the following:

Contestants may bring into the examination drawing instruments and approved calculators. No other aids may be brought into the examination.

Additionally, the Regulations to the Article #5 of the IPhO Statutes have been amended by adding the following new sentences:

A calculator shall be an approved calculator if it is not a graphical calculator, its display has no more than three lines, and if its user memory is completely cleared immediately prior to each examination.
The host country may provide calculators to students which are approved calculators. If the country chooses to do this then the team leaders of the countries attending IPhO must be advised of the exact model at least two months in advance of the competition. Students who bring their own approved calculators shall be permitted to use them.”

9. The International Board discussed a proposal submitted by Prof. Jaan Kalda ( the principal organizer of IPhO2012 in Estonia), regarding the amendment of the Regulations to the Article #4 of IPhO Statutes, concerning the voluntary fee. After the earlier discussions in the Advisory Committee, there were two different versions of the amendment on the issue of voluntary fee as the following, along with the concerned current regulation of the IPhO Statutes:

Current Regulation:
"The host country may ask the delegations for a voluntary contribution to the obligatory costs.
Version 1:
"The host country may ask the delegations for a voluntary contribution to the obligatory costs, Those delegations which have not made the requestedcontribution are not eligible to send observers and visitors.“

 Version 2:
"The host country may ask the delegations for a contribution to the obligatory costs. Delegations with economic difficulties may ask waving this fee by sending a motivated appeal to theSecretariat of the IPhO."

The version 2 was carried by 98 votes to 33; while the version 1 was rejected with 63 votes in favour and 65 votes against.

10. For revising the current Syllabus of IPhO, the President invited the following six leaders to form a “Syllabus Committee”:

Dr. Lasse Franti (Finland),  Dr. Helmuth Mayr (Austria), Dr. Stefan Petersen (Germany),  Dr. Matthew Vernon (Australia), Dr. Andrzej Kotlicki (Canada), and Dr. Jaan Kalda (Estonia)

11. The Secretary of IPhOs, Prof. Ming-Juey Lin, on behalf of the IPhO Secretariat, reported the process and result of the election of IPhO Presidency. Since there was only one candidate, Prof. Hans Jordens, for the election of the new IPhO President, according to the IPhO Statutes, the Secretary officially announced that Prof. Hans Jordens was accepted as the new President of IPhOs for the next five-year term from 2013 to 2018.


12. The current Secretary of IPhOs will have his term expired in 2014. According to the IPhO Statutes, the election of the new Secretary of the term 2014-2019 will be held in next IPhO in Kazakhstan.

13. On behalf of all the participants, the President of IPhOs expressed his gratitude to Prof. Niels Hartling (Head of the Organizing Committee), Prof. Henrik Bruus (Head of the Academic Committee), Dr. Christian Thune Jacobsen, Prof. Jens Paaske. Dr. Jens Ulrik Lefmann, Dr. Michael Clasen Jacobsen and all other members involved in organizing the IPhO2012 for excellent preparation and conduction of the 44th International Physics Olympiad. Deep thanks were also conveyed to the Danish Ministry of Children and Education, Technical University of Denmark, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen, and all the sponsors, graders, guides and other people who contributed to the success of the Olympiad.


14. The Kazakhstan delegates disseminated printed materials about the 45th IPhO in 2014 to all the delegations and described present state of the preparatory works to ensure smooth organization of the next Olympiad.

15. At the Closing Ceremony of the Olympiad, on behalf of the organizers of the next International Physics Olympiad, Dr. Yernur Rysmagambetov announced that the 45th International Physics Olympiad would be held in Astana, Kazakhstan from July 13 to 21, 2014 and cordially invited all the participating countries to attend the competition.


Prof. Hans Jordens
President of IPhOs

Prof. Ming-Juey Lin
Secretary of IPhOs

Prof. Niels Hartling
Head of the Organizing Committee
of the IPhO2013

Copenhagen, Denmark, July 14, 2013

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