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Minutes of the Meetings of the International Board during the XXX International Physics Olympiads in Padova,
July 18th-27th 1999

  1. The following 62 countries were present at the 30th International Olympiad: (* -new participants)

Albania(*), Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan(*), Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, The Czechlands, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein(*), Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia(*), The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Korea, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkmenistan(*), Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam, Yugoslavia.
Three countries were represented by observers:
Armenia, Brazil and Pakistan.

  1. Results of marking the papers by the organisers were presented:

The best score (49.8 points) was achieved by Konstantin Kravtsov from Russia (Absolute winner of the XXX IPhO). The second and third were Serguei Syritsyn from Russia (47.6 points) and Sadegh Dabiri from Iran (47.4 points). The following limits for awarding the medals and the honourable mention were established according to the Statutes:
Gold Medal 43 points, Silver Medal 37 points, Bronze Medal 31 points, Honourable Mention 24 points.
According to the limits 30 Gold Medals, 71 Silver Medals, 54 Bronze Medals and 57 Honourable Mentions were awarded. The list of the scores of the winners and the students awarded with honourable mentions were distributed to all the delegations.

  1. In addition to the regular prizes a number of special prizes and grants were awarded:

* for the best score (Absolute winner)

  1. Konstantin Kravtsov (Russia)

* for the Absolute winner (Special grant of the Lion Club "Vienna Belvedere")

  1. Konstantin Kravtsov (Russia)

* for five best total scores (Prizes of Venice Province):

  1. Konstantin Kravtsov (Russia)
  2. Sergei Syritsyn (Russia)
  3. Sadegh Dabiri (Iran)
  4. Mohammad Hossein Taghavi (Iran)
  5. Ruimin He (Singapore)

* for the most original solution to the theoretical problem no. 1:

  1. Konstantin Kravtsov (Russia)

* for the most original solution to the theoretical problem no. 2:

  1. Suvrat Raju (India)

* for the most original solution to the theoretical problem no. 3:

  1. Xun Jia (China)

* for the most original solution to the experimental problem:

  1. Tom Morfett (Great Britain)

* for the best participant from the host country (Grant of the Italian Physical Society):

  1. Gabriele Vajente (Italy)

* for the best participant from the countries which joined the IPhO in 1999 (Prize of the President of the IPhOs):

  1. Toyly Anniyev (Turkmenistan)

* for the three best participants from the countries which joined the IPhO in 1999 (Grant of the Lions Club of District 108 TA-3):

  1. Toyly Anniyev (Turkmenistan)
  2. Ersad Pasayev (Azerbaijan)
  3. Bardhyl Fatmir Kazazi (Albania).
  1. The International Board has elected Prof. Maija Ahtee, the leader of the Finnish team as the Secretary for the next five years' term. The International Board decided that the President would send a special thanks-letter to Dr. Andrzej Kotlicki (Canada), previous Secretary, who has resigned of this function.
  2. The President introduced a new version of the Statutes and Regulations. The subgroup (Dr. Vidar Augutsson - Iceland, Dr. Waldemar Gorzkowski - Poland, Dr. Cyril Isenberg - Great Britain and Dr. Gunter Lind - Germany) prepared a draft of the split version of the Statutes into "proper" Statutes and Regulations. Later this draft was discussed at a meeting of the Advisory Committee in Warsaw (March 8 - 11, 1999) and an improved version was disseminated to all the members of the International Board at the end of March. The new version of the Statutes and Regulations have been accepted by the International Board by qualified majority of votes (97 votes in favour; total number of Members of the International Board was 117).
  3. At the closing ceremony, Dr. Waldemar Gorzkowski (President of the IPhOs) acting on behalf of all the participants awarded special diplomas to the organisers (23 persons) for very good preparation and very good execution of the XXX International Physics Olympiad. Additionally Dr. Giuliana Cavggioni, Prof. Paolo Violino, Dr. Francesco Minosso and Dr. Dennis Luigi Censi received the Olympic Medal for their special merits in organisation of the competition.
  4. President of the IPhOs presented a list of the organisers of the competition in the future. As Greece has not confirmed its willingness to organise the IPhO'2006, the year 2006 has been announced as a "free year" - the Secretariat waits for applications from countries interested in organising the competition in this 2006 (Greece may apply too).
  5. Dr. Hans Jordens presented an idea on the World Federation of Physics Competition. Dr. H. Jordens and a group of volunteers will create such Federation as soon as possible.
  6. Dr. Yohanes Surya (Indonesia) and Dr. Daniel Haryono (Indonesia) presented an idea of the Asian Physics Olympiad and invited all the Asian countries to participation. The first APhO will take place in Jakarta in the period: April 24 - May 2, 2000.
  7. At the closing ceremony the ICPE Medal for Physics Teaching awarded to IPhO in 1993 was transferred from the organisers of the XXX IPhO to the representatives of Great Britain, the host of the next Olympiad.
  8. Acting on behalf of the organisers of the next International Physics Olympiad Dr. Cyril Isenberg announced that the XXXI International Physics Olympiad will be organised in Leicester, Great Britain, on July 8th - 16th, 2000 and cordially invited all the participating countries to attend the competition.

Dr. Guliana Cavaggioni
General Manager of the 30th IPhO

Dr. Waldemar Gorzkowski
President of the IPhOs

Prof. Maija Ahtee
Secretary of the IPhOs

Padova, 27. 07. 1999


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